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Angle of jaw

Face and jaw angling is one of the activities to enhance the facial beauty of the person. Many people tend to reshape their jaws and believe that a V-shaped jaw will make their face more attractive, which is why they are turning to face angling. Because this type of jaw does not fit any face. A rounded or puffy face cannot be changed by mere facial surgery and maxillofacial change. Today, this is done in many ways.

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Specialized Treatment Description

What methods are used to angle the face and jaw? There are generally three ways to do this. 1- Surgical treatment, 2- Minimizing the jaw 3- Minimizing the chin In the first procedure, the person's face and jaw will be carefully changed in the operating room and under the anesthesia. In this type of surgery, they reduce the size of the end of the jaw and cut a part of the bone using a special drill and saw to give it the desired shape. If the muscles of this part of the face are too large, the su More