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Greetings and Regards

We are proud to announce that Atrina Customers Club, founded in 2011 with the aim of promoting public awareness and health and improving the services provided in this field, today it has been able to establish partnerships with capable and expert physicians with various expertise to offer the highest quality services to its members and also discounts on a set. Some of these services include: acupuncture, beauty, skin and hair, laser, various therapeutic surgeries (including orthopedics, gastrointestinal, etc.); dental services, ophthalmology, psychiatry and counseling. These services are still expanding and new services are regularly added to the collection through the site.

Our Services

Health tourism

In health tourism, a person travels to the other countries to get cheap and high quality health care and while using the destination country medical services, visits its tourist attractions. Atrina providing health tourism services and personalized facilities, helps improve person’s health and morale.

Branding of health centers

Creating trust is a vital issue in patients. Good branding can assure patients that health centers will provide the best services. This complex seeks to introduce physicians, healthcare facilities and services and explain their competitive advantages in facilitating patient access to the best medical conditions.


Atrina Medicard is designed to support patients to receive the highest quality services. The card features include patient medical records, free consultation, discounts and facilities. With this card you can access an unlimited number of services at Atrina Medical Center for one year.

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our goals

The Atrina Club website ( or offers specialized medical information, complete information on the treatment process and how it is served to its clients to inform the members about the use of the Centre's services. This will also helps the club's physicians team, serve their clients better
To use the club's services, each client of the Atrina Club will receive a health membership card for a fee of only 50 $, with personal information stored on it and not only discounted when using the covered services, but in order to appreciate the good choice of customers, points will be gathered as a result of using the card services, which may be used to discount the services provided by non-medical centers on the site.
Another activity of the Atrina Customer Club is Therapeutic Tourism and it provides the opportunity for club clients across Iran and around the world to get the best quality treatment in Tehran and to achieve the health and beauty besides traveling around the Different Iranian areas by their choice.
In addition, it is possible for the contracting companies to insert a logo and a site on a select number of cards to communicate with their range of customer club clients to introduce their company and services.
We hope that we can take a firm and effective steps towards the health of our community by trust of our beloved people.
Atrina Club Management