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Infertility Treatment Center and Pregnancy Health Mom

Hospital :

Infertility Treatment Center and Pregnancy Health Mom

Explanation :

Mom Reproductive Health and Infertility Treatment Center based on the most successful international models and with the cooperation of the best Iranian specialists in 6500 square meters is designed in such a way that we are proud to say all the services in the best American and European infertility treatment and pregnancy health centers They are also provided at the Mom Infertility Center with international standards for Iranian families.

City Name :

Tehran - Tehran



Paciant Department

  • Pregnancy and women's health services
  • Specialized services for men
  • Imaging

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Further Details

"The architectural vision in the building of the Mom Center has been to avoid the common sense of doubt and anxiety in many medical centers, so that in the manner of the enlightened ancestors, we would establish a hospital instead of a sick home;"

Fear that we may never have a child, as well as the tedious steps of infertility treatment and the imposition of infertility costs are issues that are very stressful for families, and this stress is one of the main obstacles to infertility treatment.

For this purpose, creating a visually stress-free space is one of the effective factors during infertility treatment. Therefore, the Mom Center was designed and built with the view of a hospital and the patients&#۳۹; condition, which has led to the issue of Mom Building in ۱۳۹۸ The art of architecture should be included in the list of the top ۳ buildings of the year among ۱۰۰۰ participating buildings