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Jam Hospital

Hospital :

Jam Hospital

Explanation :

In the mid-'40s, with the advancement of medical science and the development of Iranian universities on the one hand, and the increasing exchange of information and the return of educated physicians abroad, the need to set up new medical centers with up-to-date technology has become more and more required.

City Name :

Tehran - Tehran



Paciant Department

  • para clinic
  • Inpatient Sections
  • Special Sections

  • Multilingual staff
  • Private rooms
  • Laundry
  • Coffee Shop
  • Ambulance relief
  • Transfer
  • high speed Internet
  • Translator

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Further Details

In the middle years, ۴۰ renowned professors, such as Prof. Hassan Hashemian and Prof. Ebrahim Samiei, encouraged by Dr. Abdollah Alikhani set up a state-of-the-art technology with the establishment of a new hospital medical team. After the necessary investigations near the Abbas Abad hills, in the vicinity of the newly constructed street, Takht Tavoos, land with an approximate area of ​​۴۰۰۰ square meters was purchased. Thus, the mission of building the hospital was assigned to engineering group chahar, by Responsibility for supervision of Dr. Alikhani and Dr. Farin, the young and innovative peole, who designed a beautiful and efficient plan for the construction of the hospital. The construction of the hospital was started by supervision of Professor Hassan Hashemian and Professor Ebrahim Samii. The construction of the hospital was completed in ۱۳۴۹, and the Jam Hospital, with a ۹,۰۰۰-square-foot infrastructure, comprising ۱۲۸ inpatient beds and ۳ advanced operating rooms equipped with the most advanced radiological and cardiac devices was commissioned in ۱۳۵۰. By The Dr. Sadegh Nezam mafi’s efforts The Jam Hospital was the first private hospital in Tehran equipped with a radioisotope device, which made it possible to study thyroid diseases, which was very common in Iran.  Shortly afterwards, a number of other famous physicians of Tehran joined the core of Jam Hospital, and in the early ۱۹۵۰s a group of well-known and reputed physicians began operating in Jam Hospital in a new and well-equipped environment and Jam Hospital became so famous.  The great people who found the powerful foundation of Jam Hospital always believed in the sanctity of treating patients and respect patients and their rights from the beginning of their careers and avoided any overcrowding. Half a century of unceasing effort and ever-increasing progress is to honor patients and respect their rights. Today, the doctors at Jam Hospital are pleased to follow the founders of Jam Hospital and, consequently, the good character of those great people, to serve the patients