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Jordan Medical Laboratory

Hospital :

Jordan Medical Laboratory

Explanation :

Jordan Medical Laboratory has been operating since May 2002. Performing specialized tests and launching new tests was one of the goals defined in the laboratory from the very beginning of its establishment, and many different tests, including fetal health tests and some rheumatology group tests, were launched for the first time in Iran by Jordan Laboratory.

City Name :

Tehran - Tehran



Paciant Department

  • Genetics
  • Serology
  • Immunology
  • Hormonology
  • Hematology

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Further Details

The contract with the largest European laboratory called Biosynthia, located in Germany, was one of the achievements of Jordan Laboratory in the early years of its establishment, which for the first time in Iran, based on a formal agreement between the two laboratories and Lufthansa Airlines Provided.

In addition to providing facilities for patients, this made it possible for the laboratory to complete and launch specialized tests requested by physicians, and currently most of the specialized and sub-specialized tests are performed in the laboratory itself. One of the conditions of Biosynthia Laboratory for concluding a contract was compliance with the conditions of sampling and storage of samples in world standard conditions, so despite the high cost of the laboratory, it used vacuum blood collection systems to sample patients from the very beginning.