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Keivan Virology Laboratory

Hospital :

Keivan Virology Laboratory

Explanation :

Keivan Laboratory was established in 2000 as the first specialized virology laboratory in the country and from the very beginning began its extensive cooperation in conducting all viral tests with medical centers and laboratories. From the beginning, this laboratory was the first and only laboratory that used the Cobas Amplicore device to perform Quantitative testing of HIV, HBV and HCV viruses.

City Name :

Tehran - Tehran



Paciant Department

Medicard Atrina

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Further Details

It should be noted that the Cobas Taqman device is currently used for quantitative tests instead of the Cobas Amplicore device, the results obtained from this device are not comparable with other devices.

This laboratory has been able to provide the best service to medical centers and other laboratories by using the most modern systems of Real Time PCR, Western Blot to perform all viral tests, and using Alexis device, for the first time in Iran for HBs Ag Quantitative test.

Due to providing high quality services, Keyvan Laboratory is cooperating with public and private institutions and higher education centers and participates in many research projects and also prepares emergency tests on the received samples within ۲۴ hours after receiving the sample And announces the results.